FAQ for Parents

1. Is my child a good candidate for an online class?

All students can be successful in an online class if they choose the right type of course (Instructor led or independent study). Students who do best in either type of course are self-motivated, able to set aside time on a daily basis to complete homework, have good study skills, and are goal oriented.

Students should also have basic computer skills and know how to use a menu driven environment and email.

2. Can I enroll as an international student?

Yes, National High School welcomes students from all countries as it enhances the global learning community among the student population. National High School students reside in over 90 countries outside of the United States. NHS is internationally and regionally accredited; therefore, international students looking to enroll in an accredited College or University after their high school graduation in most cases must have an accredited high school diploma.

3. Will my child's local high school accept this credit?

Before enrolling for a National High School online course, students should contact their local high school for permission to take the course. They should discuss the course with their counselor to be certain that they have the required prerequisites and that the course will be fulfilling their graduation requirements. There are special forms that need to be signed and returned to NHS office to assure credit acceptance at the completion of each course.

National High School is a SACS and CITA accredited school and its credits should be accepted across the nation by other regionally accredited high schools. Private schools may have special requirements, so it is suggested that students receive prior permission from their school before taking a course for potential transfer credit.

4. Who are the teachers?

All teachers are considered highly qualified by "No Child Left Behind" Standards and are experts in their disciplinary area. Mentors are trained in adapting the online curriculum to all types of learners and situations.

If you have a concern about the teacher's ability to deal with special needs of your student, information about specific teachers can be obtained from the schools Registrar's office prior to enrollment,

5. What costs are involved? Are there any discounts?

Students should have adequate access to a computer, Internet access, and email in order to successfully complete their online course.

Please contact a NHS enrollment counselor to learn about the costs associated with the program at 678-436-8748. All core courses have digital textbooks that are included in the enrollment fee for your course. User names and passwords will be issued to students as soon as the registration and orientation process is complete so they can access the online material. Advanced Placement & Career Tech courses - Hard copy books need to be ordered from the publisher, Amazon.com, or any vendor prior to beginning the course.

Please contact the school regarding current AP offering as they change each semester

6. What type of computer does my child need?

Students should have access to an IBM compatible or Macintosh computer for at least 2 hours each day. IBM compatible computers should use Windows 98 or better, and MAC's should use OS 7.0 or higher.

Computers should also have a CD Rom drive and an MS Office program for access to word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Computers should have at least a 28.8 internet connection with 256 mg of RAM in order to run the programs in a reasonable manner. A 56.6K internet connection is recommended.

Students participating in virtual class and/or taking foreign language courses should also have a microphone and earphones available for participation in 2-way voice audio within the virtual classroom. Students can also use the telephone to participate in virtual classroom, in special circumstances.

Note: If a family does not have the proper computer technology, students may be able to use the computer at local libraries or junior colleges, as long as they have access to the internet and their own email address.

7. How private is my child's information?

All information collected by NHS is used for educational and identification purposes only and is never shared with third parties. Student information is protected under the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA)," "Privacy of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)" and the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)" as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

8. How can I help my child be successful?

In order to help a student succeed, parents should:

  • - Help the student set up a study schedule in an environment that is conducive to studying, without distraction from phone calls, TV, etc.
  • - Have your student share their homework requirements with you so that you can remind them of deadlines and help them with time management. By being supportive and planning ahead, you can help to avoid last minute stress or falling behind in assignments.
  • - Review their progress on a regular basis so that they know you are interested in their success, and so that you can assist with any roadblocks .
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