FAQ for Educators

1. Is your program accredited?

National High School is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of College and Schools) and by CITA (Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation),

2. Can the credit be transferred back to the student's own high school?

National High School suggests prior permission from the local school before student registers for an online course in order to ensure acceptance at the completion of their course.

Because National High School is SACS and CITA accredited, all accredited schools within the United States and Internationally should accept their transfer credit.

Private schools often have their own guidelines and credit acceptance should be guaranteed to the student by their school, before registering they register for an online course.

3. Is there any obligation on the part of our school?

Technology Access
If the student is taking the online course during regular school hours, the school should be prepared to offer adequate technology access so that the student can successfully complete his course.

Mentor or Counselor
Schools should also provide an onsite mentor or counselor who reviews the student's progress and encourages them to complete their work on time and in an acceptable manner.

Schools should also assist the student in securing or ordering hard copy books that might be required for Career/Tech courses or for Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

4. How do you insure the student has the prerequisite courses?

Prerequisites for National High School courses are listed in the course syllabi and should be reviewed with the student before registration permission is granted.

5. Who monitors the administration of tests?

All exams are given online, through the internet and require the students to log in with their own User ID and password.

By accreditation standards, only the midterm and final exam must be proctored.

Weekly assessments should be completed in a controlled environment where students are known to be doing their own work and not collaborating with other students, unless specific information has been granted in advance.

6. Is homework required?

National High School courses are just as rigorous as traditional courses in a bricks-and-mortar high school. Each lesson requires textbook or online readings, interactive activity and labs, response to discussion questions, and a quiz or assessment. Students are required to turn in homework on schedule, whether they are in an instructor led course, or independent study.

7. What textbooks and curriculum standards are being used for a course?

National High School uses HRW (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston) digital online textbooks for the majority of its core courses.

We also use Prentice Hall and Thomson Learning textbooks for Honors, Fine Arts, and AP courses. Most Career/Tech courses utilize McGraw-Hill/ Glencoe textbooks.

Regardless of the textbook used for a course, all course content is aligned with the national and stated standards. Curriculum Maps (created through Curriculum Mapper) are available for review, if requested.

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